Pay Off Online Loans Faster In 7 Ways

Pay off online loans

Pay off online loans is needed for who take online loans. Online loans are actually not an ineffective and profitable way to meet the needs in your life. For example, to meet children’s school fees, buy a new car, buy a house, and so on. Therefore, it is important for …

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How To Avoid Online Loans

online loans

The era of the COVID-19 pandemic that has lasted since 2020 has increased digital transactions. Not only shopping at online stores, now many are using other digital payment means. Not surprisingly, financial technology (fintech) applications are increasingly mushrooming. For those who are in need of a loan, fintech applications also …

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6 Scholarships Are Often Chosen To Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Do you want Smart Buddy to study abroad? Or is it your dream, in fact? Study abroad isn’t a big deal when you come from a well off family. But for the majority of us, scholarship is the best bet we can wish for. There are various scholarships, of course. …

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Financial Management Tips For Student

Financial management

Financial management is tricky and not easy, as well as being a student. Often, if not controlled properly, this can leave you suddenly running out of money and having no reserves. Finally, dry bags at the end of the month become a natural thing for students. During the pandemic, students …

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Financial Freedom Tips For Millennial 2022

Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is a state where you are free to use money to buy or do anything. This means that you are free to make decisions about the use of your financial resources. However, many people misinterpret financial freedom as a condition when they can shop or use money freely, …

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5 Financial Planning Book Recommendation 2022

financial planning book

For those of you millennials who want to learn about how to manage finances, it feels obligatory to read a financial planning book. The knowledge and tips in these books can help you find out how to plan a budget, tips for successful savings, and how to invest in easy-to-understand …

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Tax Planning Tips and Examples

Tax Planning Tips

Tax planning itself is divide into two types, namely National and International Tax Planning. In the National Tax Planning, the guidelines use are domestic laws. Usually the first type is use for companies in Indonesia or only doing domestic transactions. On the other hand, International Tax Planning is use by …

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7 Ways to Pay Off Debt Effectively

pay off the debt

With financial conditions that are increasingly uncertain, you inevitably need to re-evaluate how to pay off the debt for the bills you currently have. Finding an effective and appropriate way to pay off debt can provide relief from the financial burden you need to deal with while managing your money …

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10 Bad Impacts of Debt

bad impacts of debt

Everyone need money. Some people use debt to fulfill their needs. There are 10 bad impacts of debt that you must contemplating this. To find out, please see the discussion below: 1. Mentally burdensome Maybe the human being as a social being has also been in debt, including yourself. When …

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Student Loans History And Impacts For Country

Student Loan

The discussion about student loans has recently become a fairly lively conversation on Twitter social media. In fact, this discourse was brought up by President in a meeting with the heads of commercial banks at the State Palace about four years ago. History of Student Loans Well, it turns out …

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