Inflation In Countries And What Causes Of It

inflation in countries

In the face of economic upheaval, you need to know how to deal with inflation in countries. Especially in a pandemic condition that makes the economy fluctuate. However, before knowing how to deal with inflation, you need to first know what inflation is. What is Inflation? Reporting from the page …

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Recession Can Happen, Here Are 9 Tips To Face It


If you regularly follow the news, then the word recession must be familiar. In fact, there have been many recessions since 1945. A recession is a condition in which a country’s economy experiences a decline for two consecutive quarters or for one year. Like a domino effect, this can spread …

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Top 10 Post-Corona Investment Countries

investment countries

In pandemic no one want to have investment in whole countries. So, very few executives could have predict that the SARS Cov-2 (COVID-19) virus originating in China would cause a global economic meltdown in 2020. Then, just four months after the first case reports emerge in Wuhan. More than three …

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5 Places In Nigeria That You Need To Visit


Nigeria ranks as the seventh most populous country in the world with around 193 million people living there. Even so, that doesn’t mean Nigeria doesn’t have interesting tours for tourists to visit, you know! In fact, Nigeria is one of the countries in Africa that is blessed with captivating natural …

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Digital Technology May Replace Books?

Digital Technology May Replace Books

Will digital technology replace books? questions that every book reader asks themselves while reading on their screens. Well, we live in a technological era where the internet plays an influential role. Undoubtedly the fact that the rapid growth of information technology has prompted us to turn further to the internet …

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