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6 Scholarships Are Often Chosen To Study Abroad

Do you want Smart Buddy to study abroad? Or is it your dream, in fact? Study abroad isn’t a big deal when you come from a well off family. But for the majority of us, scholarship is the best bet we can wish for.

There are various scholarships, of course. However, the following scholarships are usually offer most often to Indonesian students and university students. Shall we go through them one by one, buddy?


1. Monbukagakusho, Japan

This scholarship in study abroad is award by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Monbukagakusho/MEXT). Even though mastering the Japanese language requires extra preparation, this scholarship is quite attractive because it already covers living expenses for the duration of our stay in Japan.

After all, there is no official bond so that we are free to carry out our next life plan after completing the study period. For high school graduates, the scholarships available are Professional Training College, College of Technology, and Undergraduate programs.

Want to follow one of them, pal? Apart from accessing the official website at, you can also visit the Japanese Embassy and Consulate offices in Makassar, Denpasar, Medan, or Surabaya.

2. Australia Awards, Australia

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade offers Australia Awards Scholarships for study abroad to countries that have bilateral and regional cooperation with Australia, one of which is Indonesia. Because of its proximity, Australia is often the choice for those who want to continue their studies at the Masters level.

Buddy already have a long plan to continue studying Masters? Keep your GPA no less than 2.9, OK! What should not be left behind, also improve your English language skills.

3. Fullbright Scholarship, USA

Just like the Australia Awards, the Fullbright Scholarship is intend for undergraduate graduates who wants to study abroad. For Indonesia, this scholarship is manage by the American Indonesian Exchange Foundation (AMINEF).

In addition to the English test, there is one more test that Fullbright scholarship candidates must pass. First, the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) for those studying law, business administration, accounting, and finance. Second, the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) for candidates who study other than these disciplines.

4. Chevening, England

Chevening is also intended for S1 graduates who wants study abroad. Interestingly, studying Masters in the UK with this scholarship is only limit to one year, buddy! Because it is fully fund, Cheveners – as calling for the recipients of this scholarship, can focus on studying without worrying about the cost of living while living in the UK.

It should that Chevening requires a minimum of two years of work experience. Do you want this scholarship, pal? Well, you know what to do from now on, then.

5. Turkiye Burslari, Turkey

In addition to the S2 and S3 levels, this scholarship is also offer for the S1 level who wants study abroad. The age requirement to apply for undergraduate studies with the Turkiye Burslari Scholarship is no more than 21 years. If you are interest in participating in this scholarship, you can monitor Turkiye Burslari’s social media or visit the page.

6. Russian Government Scholarship, Russia

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education Russia offers tuition scholarships for high school and vocational high school graduates whho wants study abroad. Lectures for international students do not have to be in Russian, but English classes are also available.

Even so, that doesn’t mean we can ignore Russian, pal. The reason is, this is the only language that allows us to interact with other people while outside the classroom.

It’s important to note that the Russian Government Scholarship isn’t fully funded. This means that we have to prepare our own provisions for the cost of daily living in Russia and all other needs. Please visit or for further information.


In addition to the six scholarships above, there are also Holland Scholarships from the Netherlands, German Academic Exchange Service from Germany, Korean Government Scholarships from South Korea, and others. In addition to academic ability and the language of the country concerned, cost is an important factor to consider when we want to study abroad.

How about in your own country? Actually there are many scholarship offers, pal. The rule of thumb is still the same: pay attention to eligibility. However, even without scholarships, now all students can continue their studies with the help of study funds such as the Smart Fund.

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