Thrive pet insurance can happen
Thrive pet insurance can happen

5 Reason Why Thrive Pet Insurance Happen

Why thrive pet insurance happen? Before answer that question , we know our pets often just wag or purr. Yet they bring us back from the brink of tears. Join us when we feel like cheering and have the uncanny ability to tame our everyday stressors.

It goes without saying that we embrace dogs, cats and other companion animals as full family members. Many of us research pet food labels to make healthy choices, scour pet supply stores for the right bedding and love to treat them with lots of toys. However, according to the most recent American Pet Products Association Pet Owners Survey, only 4% of dog owners and 1% of cat owners carry a pet insurance policy. Is reasonable thrive pet insurance can happen?

“It’s puzzling why we are a nation that loves our pets so much, yet has been so slow to embrace the concept of pet insurance,” said Kristen Lynch, executive director of the North American Association of Animal Health Insurance (NAPHIA), the consortium. represent voices. for this pet industry.

But when a pet medical emergency strikes, how prepared are you financially?

Carrie Powers, a school guidance counselor from Burke, VA, had to persuade her husband. His name is Bill, to agree to the Best Pet Insurance plan. It’s happend when they adopted a Shih Tzu puppy they named Cooper nearly six years ago. In February, their ever-energetic dog sat frozen in the driveway. So, unable to move. Veterinarians at the emergency clinic diagnosed a ruptured disc in Cooper’s spine. He required life-saving surgery that night. It’s also extensive postoperative care that lasted several weeks. Then after the operation he finally get money for the replacement of the surgery cost. Which was worth almost $7000.

Thrive pet insurance happen because there are 5 benefits that can be felt by animal insurance users:

Allows you to choose a veterinarian.

Unlike a human health insurance policy, which may require you to use a specific healthcare provider. A pet insurance policy allows you to get treatment from a veterinarian of your choice. You can simply provide the insurance company with a vet bill for eligible reimbursement. So, is reasonable thrive pet insurance can happen.

Does not discriminate against the type or age of the pet.

While it is possible to get pet insurance as soon as you adopt your pet at a lower premium, you can also insure your pet years later. So, is reasonable thrive pet insurance can happen.

Gives peace of mind.

Having pet insurance allows you to choose treatment for your sick or injured pet based on the best medical options available and not limited by family finances. Most pet insurance policies cover up to 80% of the cost after deducting. So, is reasonable thrive pet insurance can happen.

Provides an easy way to budget for pet care costs.

You can pay insurance policies  monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. You decide which payment plan suits you best. Most plans offer discounts for additional pets in the home. So, is reasonable thrive pet insurance can happen.

Prevent being dipped into a family emergency fund.

True, you can set up a pet savings account, but it can be difficult to discipline yourself not to enter this designated account when you are dealing with expensive car repairs, household renovations, or other large unexpected expenses. So, is reasonable thrive pet insurance can happen.

And, most importantly, pet insurance coverage can save—and prolong—your pet’s life by allowing for medical care for your pet’s needs if he or she has cancer or needs surgery.

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