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7 Books For Newbie Insurance Agents

For me, there are currently 7 cool books that insurance agents must read, especially for newcomers. Please see the list below:

Welcome Rich Agent Goodbye Poor Agent!

This is my first book on insurance. The title alone is eye catching. The author is Mr. Wira Arjuna who is an insurance entrepreneur with agencies spread throughout Indonesia. Apart from telling stories related to the world of insurance, through this book, Pak Wira invites us to interact and apply the lessons we learn from these stories directly in his book. Yup, this book provides a place for insurance agents to fill in our desires, weaknesses, and other questions and answers.

Ultimate Selling

Perhaps of all, this is the book that I like the most for insurance agents. Debbie Nathalia’s mother is very good at stringing words together so that they can fully capture my attention. I even reread it often when I feel less excited. It helps to bring my mojo back! Many of my questions have been answered in this book and I think yours can be answered here too.

Selling with Attitude

Mrs. Esra Manurung is a successful and super inspiring partner at Allianz Indonesia. Through the book SWAT ~ as this book is usually abbreviated ~ Mrs. Esra tells the story of her struggle to become an insurance agents from zero to the success it is today. There are many lessons that can be learned and used as motivation for those of us who are new to the insurance world.

Stand Up Selling

This book is very light and fun packed, full of fresh illustrations that make it very interesting. Pak Dedy Budiman shares his sales knowledge in a concise and clear manner without being long-winded so that it is easy to digest and apply for insurance agents.

Mindset Rich Insurance Agent

I think this book is more focused on self-development and how an insurance agents frames his perspective on this business in order to successfully achieve what he aspires to. Mr. Sugeng Widodo also gave some effective tricks to close sales that we can follow.

200 Ways to Sell Better

This book is not specifically for insurance agents but for salespeople. Oh well, an insurance agent’s job is to sell insurance policies so they can still be linked. Mr. Edgar K Geffroy summarizes 200 ways we can learn to make sales even better. This book is like the ‘book’ of selling ideas. When I run out of ways to sell, I always open this book and get fresh ideas.

Success Be Professional

This book by Eileen Rahman’s mother discusses ways to develop oneself in order to become a strong and resilient professional. The discussion is very detailed and thorough, and it took me a long time to really absorb everything that is shared in this book.

Well, that’s the list of books that must be read by insurance agents, especially those who have just joined. Get it at the nearest bookstore. Remember you know, one way to get rich is education or increasing self-knowledge. So don’t be lazy to read, okay?

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