Best Travel Insurance Indonesia Review
Best Travel Insurance Indonesia Review

Best Travel Insurance Indonesia Review

Best Travel Insurance Indonesia Review. Travel insurance provides protection against unexpecting things that can have a negative impact on finances. Travel insurance provides protection against unexpecting things that can have a negative impact on finances.

So it’s natural that many countries have made it mandatory to have travel insurance in order to get a visa if you want to visit there. Therefore, this insurance is important to have if you want a comfortable and calm traveling experience.

God forbid it to happen, but various risks when traveling must have been experience by many people. For example, flight delays cause all plans to delay until the loss of luggage and personal belongings while traveling. Not to mention if the risk occurs while on a business trip that could hinder business progress.

Instead of bearing the loss alone, it’s better to leave it to the insurance company, right?

Especially now that accessing insurance services is as easy as shopping online. Just order from a smart phone. done! Travel insurance costs are also increasingly affordable. Best Travel Insurance Indonesia Review

Best Travel Insurance Indonesia Review

Relax, cheap travel insurance doesn’t mean low quality. Conversely, expensive travel insurance does not necessarily have optimal protection.

For those of you who are looking for good travel insurance, check out the list of the cheapest travel insurance for 2020 below.

For the record, the premium rates listed are based on trips to Asian countries with travel periods of 1-4 days, as well as individual policy packages.

1. New Travel Partner from Tokio Marine

Tokio Marine Insurance provides travel protection through the New Travel Partner product. This travel insurance is available in individual, couple, and family packages. The insurance policy is valid for customers aged over 6 months to 85 years.

However, for the over the age of 70, the death benefit and medical expenses are limit to 50 percent of the total coverage.

Best Travel Insurance Indonesia Review. Insurance premium costs start from IDR 50,000 with death coverage of up to IDR 300 million, and the maximum protection benefits reach IDR 1.8 billion. Cheapest compare to other travel insurance.

In addition to the premium fee, you will also charge a policy fee of IDR 20,000.

New Travel Partner protection benefits
Personal accident protection
Cost of treatment
Inconvenience on the go
New Travel Partner insurance purchases can be made online, through a call center, or by directly contacting the nearest Tokio Marine branch office.

2. MyTravel International from Lippo Insurance

As the name implies, MyTravel International from Lippo Insurance provides protection for overseas trips against the risk of accidents, lost luggage, travel delays, and other inconveniences.

By purchasing MyTravel International insurance from Lippo Insurance, you can get death risk protection benefits of up to IDR 730 million with premium rates starting from IDR 50,000.

However, customers aged 55-65 years will be charged an additional premium of 50 percent. Meanwhile, customers over the age of 66 must pay an additional premium of 100 percent of the premium value.

Purchasing MyTravel International insurance coverage online can be done here.

3. Zurich EaZi Travel

EaZi travel insurance offers insurance protection with premium costs starting from IDR 54 thousand. With these costs, you can get death coverage benefits of up to IDR 350 billion with a maximum protection benefit of IDR 1 billion.

EaZi provides comprehensive protection, including cashless benefits for medical expenses, as well as benefit packages to meet Schengen Visa requirements with low premium fees.

If important, you can also choose additional benefits, such as winter sports protection, cruise insurance, and adventure activities.

Purchasing and submitting Zurich EaZi Travel insurance claims can be done online. Another advantage, Zurich Eazi Travel can be submitted by customers without age restrictions.

However, customers with ages ranging from 66-75 years will only get a 50 percent benefit. Meanwhile, customers over 76 years of age only receive 25 percent of the coverage benefit plan.

4. MNC Travel Express

MNC Travel Express provides travel protection from the risk of personal accidents, medical expenses, and personal responsibility. This insurance can be submitted by customers ranging from 1-70 years old.

Meanwhile, the MNC Travel Express premium rate starts from 55 thousand, not including administration fees. Meanwhile, the maximum benefit for the risk of death is IDR 300 million.

In addition to its main benefits, travel insurance from MNC also offers a cashless program for hospitalization services abroad, protection from airplane hijacking, as well as protection against credit cards and show tickets.

Meanwhile, claim reporting can be done through Travel Assistance at (+6221) 2927 9670.

5. Chubb Travel Insurance

Want travel insurance that is practical and easy to claim? Chubb Travel Insurance could be the choice.

Through the official Chubb website, you can make purchases and submit claims easily. Chubb Travel Insurance can also be selected for those of you who are applying for a Schengen visa.

So, for trips to Asean countries, Chubb Travel Insurance is available with premium fees starting from IDR 56,000. Benefits that can obtain start from flight delay coverage of IDR 1.3 million to a death benefit of IDR 325 million.

6. Mandiri Travel International Insurance

Mandiri Travel International Insurance is part of Mandiri AXA General Insurance (MAGI). One interesting thing is that this travel insurance plays an active role in handling the Corona virus (Covid-19), which has now been declare a pandeWell, Mandiri Travel International Insurance guarantees medical care during the travel period, as well as guaranteeing trip cancellations causes by a pandemic. However, for the time being, MAGI does not guarantee travel to China, Hong Kong, Macau, Italy, Japan and South Korea.

Mandiri Travel International Insurance is available with premium fees starting from Rp. 71 thousand with maximum protection of up to Rp. 2.6 billion.

7. New Travel Safe from ACA

Travel Safe International is travel insurance from ACA that has been officially recognize by the European Union (Schengen countries) to meet the requirements for applying for a Schengen Visa. Even so, Travel Safe International can also select for travel in Asian countries.

With a premium fee of USD 5 or around IDR 73 thousand, you can get death benefit coverage of up to USD 10 thousand or around IDR 146 million.

Other coverage benefits are fairly comprehensive, covering medical costs, emergency medical evacuation, visiting relatives, lost or damage luggage, lost travel documents, flight delays, and many more.

Unfortunately, until now New Travel Safe travel insurance cannot purchase online. You need to come to the nearest ACA Insurance branch office or contact ACA customer service at 021 5760608.

8. TravelPRO from Allianz

Travel PRO insurance is available for all customers up to 85 years. Like other travel insurance, TravelPro covers the risk of travel changes, medical treatment abroad without cost limits, to personal accident and permanent disability benefits.

TravelPRO travel insurance premium rates start from IDR 81,000 with medical expenses cover up to IDR 700 million. However, this premium rate only applies to customers at 14 days-69 years. Meanwhile, customers over 69 years of age will be subject to an adjustment in premium rates.

TravelPRO insurance can purchase through Allianz Care at 1500 146 or come directly to Allianz head office at Allianz Tower, Kuningan Persada Super Block 2, South Jakarta.

To be able to travel with peace of mind, choose travel insurance base on the protection need and your financial condition. Don’t forget to read and study the travel insurance policy so that you can get optimal benefits, especially the exclusion section so that the claim does not fall in the middle of the road.

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