life insurance
life insurance

Is It Important To Have Life Insurance?

Before we talk about life insurance, answer this question. How much money have we prepared for treatment if one day we get sick?. The above question may sound cliché, but it is important to answer. It must be admitted, emergency funds must always be available in order to anticipate extraordinary events that can occur at any time.

Problem of insurance

The problem is, not everyone can commit to setting aside a portion of their income each month to be allocated as an emergency fund. As a result, many people find it difficult to deal with sudden emergency conditions such as illness, accident, and family death.

We can actually avoid the difficulties caused by these things as long as reserve funds are available. In addition, there is one thing to anticipate disasters. The solution in question is insurance.

As the name implies, insurance means coverage provided by one party to another party using the service. Coverage or protection is provided to insurance companies to those who pay for the service.

Insurance for face Pandemic

Since the Covid-19 pandemic occurred, the awareness of the Indonesian people to have insurance products began to increase. Many people eventually know, know, and use various insurance products-such as health insurance, life insurance, and education insurance.

However, it is not uncommon for people to think that insurance is no longer after the pandemic. Those with this view think that health threats no longer exist, therefore insurance is no longer necessary.

This view can be said to be wrong. The reason is, no one knows when and where someone will get sick or disaster. So, if you don’t have insurance when a disaster occurs, how will the affected people rely?

Life insurance

Life and health insurance are important for humans, regardless of the presence or absence of a pandemic. With insurance, you can protecting your family.

For example, life insurance owners can reduce their anxiety about what to leave for their family if they die. Then, unit link insurance owners can even benefit, because this product combines elements of protection with investment benefits for its users. One of the insurance providers that we can look at when we want to get protection benefits is PT AIA Financial Indonesia.

AIA Indonesia

AIA Indonesia is a company that provides life and health insurance products. This company also has AIA unit link products as an alternative if we want protection as well as investment benefits at the same time.

The public does not need to hesitate when using AIA Indonesia Insurance products. Because this company has a good track record by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). In addition to having AIA unit link products, this company also provides life, health, personal accident, and employee welfare programs as well as pension funds (DPLK).

Through AIA Indonesia Insurance products, we can choose the type of product that suits our protection needs.


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