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Progressive Insurance Reviews And Ratings

Advantages of using Progressive Insurance

Progressive insurance has a wide range of insurance products, from car, boat and motorcycle insurance to renters, home and life policies. One of the main benefits of the Progressive offer is the discount on combining policies, thus lowering your overall costs.

Progressive also offers types of car coverage that other major providers don’t have. Including gap insurance (which we recommend if you rent or finance your vehicle) and rideshare insurance for Uber or Lyft drivers.

Cons of using Progressive Insurance

Progressive insurance have biggest weakness that is its high complaint score. According to the National Insurance Commissioner’s Association index. Its score indicates that Progressive has more than twice the number of complaints file against it than the average file against its competitors. In addition, operators have very low auto claims customer satisfaction scores, according to the JD Power Survey. Combine a low score with an average rate, and you get an insurance company that may not be the best choice for everyone.

Progressive insurance costs

Progressive insurance is a mid-range insurance company in terms of cost. It’s not the most expensive. But it’s not the cheapest either — the average annual full coverage premium is just $200 below the industry average, according to Bankrate. Additionally, Progressive’s minimum annual coverage is $542, compare to the industry average of $545.

While Progressive fares are so-so across the board, adding a teenage driver to your policy is a lot cheaper with this carrier. On average, adding a 16-year-old driver to your policy may cost Progressive $500 less than the national average.

Progressive coverage options

Progressive insurance offers almost all the major types of coverage you might need for an auto policy. Here are some of their main options:

Liability bodily injury coverage: This coverage pays for injuries to others because the policyholder and other drivers list in the policy. Liability bodily injury coverage is required in most states.

Property damage liability coverage: This coverage pays for damage cause to other people’s property. Primarily, this is in other cars, but can also include other personal property such as fences or mailboxes. Property damage liability is require in all US states.

Personal injury protection (PIP): This cover pays for medical expenses and lost wages for the driver and passenger of the policyholder’s car in the event of an injury, up to the policy limit, regardless of the fault. PIP may also include coverage for funeral expenses and essential services, such as child care or dog walks. That you may not be able to perform due to a physical injury. PIP is required in 14 states.

Another progressive coverage options

Uninsured or underinsured driver coverage: This coverage pays you and your passengers medical expenses up to the policy limit. It happen when an underinsured or uninsured driver causes an accident. Damage to uninsured motorist property is available in some states to help cover repairs to your vehicle if it is damaged by an uninsured driver.

Medical payments: Similar to PIP coverage, medical payments help pay the medical costs of the policyholder and his passengers up to the policy limit, regardless of the fault. However, unlike PIP, medical payments do not cover the loss of wages or essential services. Med Pay is optional coverage in most states, but required in some states.

Collision Coverage: This coverage pays for damage to your vehicle in an accident resulting from a collision between your car and another car or object.

Comprehensive coverage: This coverage pays for damage to your car caused by an event other than a collision. This includes theft, fire, flood, hail, vandalism and more.

Trip sharing coverage: This coverage helps you fill gaps that Uber or Lyft don’t cover. At Progressive, you must add this coverage to your policy if you are driving for a ride-sharing service.

Loan/rent payment coverage: Progressive insurance does not offer gap insurance. But does offer loan and lease payment coverage. Similar to gap insurance, payment coverage helps you pay in the event of an accident that causes your car to be badly or completely damaged. Covering the difference between the market value of your vehicle and the amount you owe.

Key difference: For payment coverage, payments are limited to no more than 25% of the actual cash value of your vehicle, although the limit varies by state.

Progressive Insurance discount

Progressive insurance offers a list of great discounts that can help you lower your premiums.

Here’s a list of important discounts and how much you can save on average:

Multi-policy discount: 5%
Multi-car discount: 4%
Highlights: Safe driver discount: $146 per year
Good student discount: 10%
Homeowner discount: 10%
Online offer discount: 7%
Sign in online discount: 9%
Progressive also has other discounts, including teen driver discounts and paperless discounts. However, average savings vary for these discounts.

Customer satisfaction and complaints

Progressive insurance has a lower-than-average car claims satisfaction score, ranking very low at 862 out of 1,000, according to a JD Power survey. For context, the industry base for automatic claim satisfaction stands at 880.

Despite this low score, Progressive customers are generally very satisfied with their digital experience. According to a JD survey. other powers. Progressive ranks second in this category among all the major auto insurance companies, just behind Geico, which has won two Webbys for its digital infrastructure (a tough competition to beat!).

This is the biggest thorn in Progressive’s side: the number of complaints it receives nationally. According to the NAIC complaints index, Progressive is indexed at 1.26, which means it receives more complaints than the industry average.

Telematics program

Progressive’s telematics program, Snapshot, monitors how safe and how much you drive. You can enroll in the program online and use the Progressive insurance mobile app or plug-in mobile device to participate. Most drivers save an average of $146 per year using Snapshot, according to Progressive. However, it’s important to note that using Snapshot can increase your speed if you engage in high-risk driving. Including braking hard and accelerating suddenly.

Other features we love

Progressive’s free mobile app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. In this app. You can view your policy information, pay your bill, view your insurance card, file a claim, call roadside assistance, and get quotes for other Progressive policies. The “Name Your Price” tool is helpful here: It lets you enter how much you want to pay for your insurance, and Progressive will show you the coverage options that fit your budget.

However, this app only lets you manage your auto insurance policy and not your home, renter, condo or umbrella policy with Progressive insurance. Instead, these policies can be managed directly on the Progressive website.

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