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property insurance

Property Insurance All Risk Best Review 2022

There are two types of insurance based on the amount of risk borne, namely standard property insurance and all risk property insurance. Because no one wants to lose property but neither can we avoid disaster. Disasters can be the result of human negligence such as riots and fires. Meanwhile, if based on the insured property, there are two types of property insurance, namely house owner insurance and house holder insurance.

Types of Property Insurance

Having insurance for property is a must. However, the product chosen must be in accordance with the needs and targets. You certainly wouldn’t choose home insurance to cover business protection, would you? So, make sure your choice is the right one.

Home Insurance

The popularity of this insurance may not be like life insurance and health insurance. However, there are many reasons why you should have this type of insurance. One type of property insurance is protection for the house. Home insurance is an insurance product that will provide protection against losses caused by natural disasters or human actions such as fire and theft.

The insurance company will bear all forms of risk caused by some of the problems above. With maximum protection, homeowners will feel more calm and comfortable. Even if you don’t have sufficient funds, problems that arise after a risk such as fire will no longer be a burden.

Also, it will not affect your financial condition. But, make sure you choose the right insurance. Also make sure that the insurance claim process is easy and fast so that you will not feel disadvantaged.

Business Insurance

Like homes, businesses also need protection. This is why there is business insurance on the market. As the name implies, business insurance is a product that is devoted to business protection. There are many benefits provided including risk transfer, fundraising and balanced premiums.

Not only that, the holder of this insurance policy will also get other benefits. Believe it or not, business insurance can stimulate business growth and prevent losses.

Examples of the Best Property Insurance Products

In Indonesia, you can find many insurance companies. Each of course offers their best product. This is indeed an advantage but unfortunately also makes it difficult for you to get the right option. Here are the best property insurance recommendations that you can consider when looking for protection for valuable property.

1. Allianz Property Insurance

My house plus is one of the insurance policies offered by Allianz. With this policy, you can get compensation for damage to building assets up to 20 billion rupiah. Fantastic and high value for a protection for your assets. In addition, there are also temporary accommodation costs and death benefits.

One of the requirements to get this insurance is a property in the form of a house that has no more than three floors. Properties with 4 floors or more cannot take advantage of this one insurance policy.

2. Adira Property Insurance

If you need insurance for your business, then you can choose Adira property insurance. The insurance policy offered is to protect small and medium businesses or MSMEs. The advantage of this policy is that it does not only focus on the risk of building losses. There is compensation for death or permanent disability caused by personal accidents. Not only that, there is also coverage for medical expenses due to fire.

3. ACA Property Insurance

Another best property insurance option is products from ACA. When choosing ACA, you can choose ACA Ideal House which covers the residence. The benefits provided by insurance from ACA are very complete, such as following PSAKI, third party legal liability, and loss of property in the house.

Or you can also consider ACA All Risk Insurance which covers office buildings and factory offices. If you really need both options, you can buy both policies.

4. BRINS Property Insurance

Another option is BRINS property insurance or BRI Insurance. There are three plan options that you can adjust according to your needs, namely Silver, Gold, and Premium. Each plan comes with a different premium and sum assured.

Choosing this insurance product means that policyholders will get various benefits. The benefits offered are compensation for PSAKI risk, third party legal liability, death benefit, and hospitalization compensation coverage.

5. Sinar Mas Properti Property Insurance

Sinar Mas is famous for its health insurance? Although true, there are other insurance options to choose from for property protection. There is Simas Ruko which is intended for shophouse owners with the benefit of compensation for PSAKI risk. This policy also covers the property in the building that you insure.

For residential assets, there is Simas Rumah Hemat++ with benefits that are not much different from insurance for shop houses. However, the property covered is a house according to the name of the policy offered. This policy also provides compensation for permanent records or death and accident medical expenses.

6. AIG properti property insurance

Another best option is AIG property insurance. This policy is given specifically to companies engaged in the medical, retail, manufacturing, educational institutions, and commercial property sectors. If you have a big project, this policy is perfect. The risks covered include natural disasters, fires and business interruptions.

7. Avrist Insurance

With the advantages that you can get, Avrist insurance can be the right choice. Through all risk, this insurance covers all types of property including homes, places of business, offices, and factories.

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