Sharia insurance
Sharia insurance

Sharia Insurance Pro And Cons 2022

Among the many types of health insurance available, you must be familiar with the term Islamic health insurance. Sharia insurance is often the choice of some people because it is have a plus value with to non-sharia insurance types. Even so, there are still many pros and cons that occur in the community regarding this insurance. So, what are the pros and cons of Islamic health insurance that are still happen? Here’s the review.

What is sharia insurance?

Sharia insurance is a type of insurance by applying the principles of mutual assistance (ta’awuni) and mutual protection (takafuli) among the participants by forming a pool of funds (tabarru) which is according to sharia principles to deal with certain risks.

In sharia insurance, a system is applied where participants will donate part or all of their investment funds if another participant experiences a disaster.

Thus, the sharia insurance participants in principle bear each other and there is no risk transfer from the participants to the company as in conventional insurance. Therefore, the company’s role is only as a trustee in managing and investing funds from participants.

Pros and cons of Islamic health insurance

Even though it carries the name sharia, the fact is that this insurance still has its pros and cons. Here are the pros and cons of Islamic health insurance.


The following are various things that become the superior value of Islamic health insurance which has a positive value in the eyes of the public.


Riba is the most common debate in every banking product, including insurance. However, in sharia insurance in general, including health, this problem is no longer a problem. Sharia insurance has been guaranteed to be free from usury. Therefore, you do not need to worry because the funds submitted to the company will be managed according to the agreement of both parties at the beginning of the agreement.

Transparent fund management

In sharia insurance in general, including health, the management of funds is transparent. So that you as an insurance participant can clearly know the details of the funds you pay each month. In addition, these funds are also use as much as possible to bring benefits to the insurance policy holders themselves.

Have the principle of help each other

The work system of sharia insurance is mutual cooperation. This means that one participant can help each other with the intermediary of the company. For example, your insurance funds, you can claim first to help other customer claims. So that participants can provide grants to other participants who are being hit by a disaster.

Easy claims and services

In sharia health insurance, participants can take advantage of protection for hospitalization costs for all family members. For financing, a system is implement using a card (cashless) to pay all hospital bills.

One insurance policy can use for all family members so that the premium costs become lighter. This is different from ordinary insurance which requires each person to have their own policy so that the premium charge will be much larger.

In addition, sharia insurance also allows you to be able to make a double claim. This means that you will still get the claim submit even though you have obtaine it through other insurance.


One of the principles of Islamic insurance that is also an advantage is fairness. In sharia insurance no one can harm it. Therefore, the distribution of profits in this insurance is more equitable. Neither party receives a greater amount of profit than the other party.


Someone Say Still Haram

Not everyone agrees with Islamic health insurance. Others are still debating it. However, the superior value and the positives of Islamic health insurance still outweigh the negatives. The weakness of Islamic health insurance that is still being debate is that there are still those who consider this insurance to be haram. In fact, sharia insurance is under the supervision of the Sharia Supervisory Board (DPS) which ensures that all institutions carry out procedures with proper sharia principles and are certainly free from unlawful practices.


Regardless of the pros and cons that occur in the community regarding Islamic health insurance, the most important thing is to find out clearly in advance about the insurance that you will make and register. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of each type of insurance to minimize risk and regret in the future. for choosing the wrong insurance

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