fraud investment
fraud investment

Fraud Investment Examples And How To Know It

Fraud investment fraud is still rife recently. The action is carry out both online and offline. For this reason, it is necessary to always be vigilant and recognize the characteristics of fraudulent investments. So that you are not deceived and fall into it. This is because several fraudulent investment scams have been uncover and a lot of evidence has been spread on social media.

Fraud investment

Usually fraud investment offer a large and lucrative profit. That way, the victims will be more interested and invest without thinking. However, you will not get profit, but you will actually get a loss if you use fake investments.

In Indonesia, there are still many people who are aggressively marketing fake investment products. Usually they target people who have minimal information relate to investment. So, these people have the potential to be easily tempt by the great benefits they offer.

This is of course very detrimental. To avoid these things, here is an explanation regarding fraudulent investments, so that you avoid fraud and losses.

But before discussing fraud investment, it’s better if you know in advance what investment is. In general, investment is an activity to collect funds or assets within a certain period of time. Investment itself has a purpose, namely to make a profit. Investment activities always involve two parties, namely the investor who owns the funds or the company and the manager who will manage the investor’s funds in order to get a profit.

Types of Stupid Investments

1. Invest online

Along with the development of increasingly modern technology, the mode of crime has also begun to follow the times. For example, fraud investment made online. This type of fraud is very common in cyberspace. Usually the perpetrators will find or attract their victims through advertisements on social media. Where they make an ad that contains a call to invest by offering large profits in a short time.

On the other hand, the perpetrators of fraud will plan everything carefully, so that they look professional and convincing. In addition, the perpetrators also dare to include the names of OJK, BI, or other banks in the products they offer. Then the victims will be given a fake website page that is for investment registration media and also deposit some money. After everything is done, the website page will disappear and cannot access. The perpetrators will disappear without a trace with the amount of money the victim has sent.

2. Stupid cooperative

As we already know that cooperatives are institutions that function to assist in developing the economic potential and capabilities of its members and the community. But recently, savings and loan cooperatives had become a cover for fraud investment. In this case, the victims who want to save their money in the cooperative will be promise a large amount of interest every month. Meanwhile, people who have join as members will be ask to find people to save their money in the cooperative, then they will get a number of bonuses. This is almost the same as an MLM or multi-level marketing business system.

3. Stupid gathering

This fraud investment mode is similar to social gathering in general. Where the fake social gathering is done in a group that collects some money from its members. However, in fake social gatherings, the players offer a large profit every time someone has a turn to win. In this case, the actors will act as parties who collect and save the gathering funds. The types also vary, there is a gathering of money, iPhone, gold, or other valuables.

Nowadays, fake social gatherings are rife on social media. The modus operandi is that the perpetrators offer social gathering to potential victims through social media. Here the victims are ask to transfer some money, then the victims will be promise a big profit every time they win. However, this will not happen. Because the perpetrators will disappear and the amount of money that has been transfer by the victims will not come back again.

Usually, the targets of social gatherings are housewives. However, this does not rule out the possibility that other people can also be deceive. This is of course because the benefits that the perpetrators offer are very large and tempting.

Characteristics of Stupid Investment Mode

1. Offer high profit

The characteristics of the first fraud investment mode are high profits. So, for those of you who want to start investing, don’t be easily tempt by investment companies that offer big profits. You need to know that the principle of investment is high risk, high return. That is, the greater the profit, the greater the risk.

2. High profit in short time

You need to know that getting a profit from investment cannot be fast and in a short period of time. However, unlike fraud investment, usually they will offer high profits in a short time. So, you have to be more careful and don’t be easily tempt by it.

3. Profits will crash

At the beginning of an investment, you will usually get a profit that is in accordance with what was offered at the beginning. However, this will not last long, because the perpetrators will give various reasons relate to the profits that are stuck. Then in the end many perpetrators disappeared. It also took all the funds that had been collect in fraud investment.

4. There is a choice of product levels

Almost the same as the MLM system, fraud investment also offers investments with various levels. For example, silver, platinum, or gold packages, where the higher the level, the higher the profit. This is what can make many people tempted by fraudulent investments.

5. Asked to look for new potential investors

After you have joined a fraud investment, usually the leader or the party managing the investment will assign you to find new investors. Then if you manage to get a new potential investor, you will get a number of bonuses. Therefore, it is not surprising that fraudulent investment will never die and become more widespread.

6. The company is not clear

Fraud investment usually come from companies with no clear track record or origin. This means they have no credibility in managing investment funds. Fraudulent investment companies are also not register with the OJK. Therefore, you must always be careful and vigilant in choosing an investment company.

7. The product is not clear

Stupid investment companies never explain in detail what products they offer. There are even cases where investors do not know what product they are buying. These investors only deposit a certain amount of money according to the price of the product. This happens because investors only want high profits that they will get, so they often ignore what products they have bought.

Those are some explanations about fraud investment that you need to know. Be careful before investing, so you don’t fall into investment scams that lead to losses. Learn and understand what investing is and the rules of the game. Do not be easily tempted by high profits in a short time and always be vigilant.

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