Online Investments
Online Investments

Online Investments Type & Tips To Choose Wisely

Here are 5 types of online investments that are recommend for those of you who are just starting to invest.

Type of Investing Online

Online Gold Investments

As we know that gold has a fairly stable price characteristic, so for you as a beginner, online investments in gold will be safe.

In addition, the risk of investing in gold is also not too high. In the long term, the returns are also more stable. Therefore, for beginners, gold investment is very suitable.

There are two ways if you want to invest in gold, namely offline and online. If you want to do it offline then you have to buy gold at a gold shop or government-owned institution that is appoint to sell gold.

If you want to invest in gold online, then you can use an investment institution or company that provides an online platform. Do not forget to ensure a safe investment place.

Online Mutual Fund Investments

The second recommend type of online investments is mutual fund products. Along with advances in technology, now many financial and investment companies are offering investments in mutual funds online.

To ensure that your investment is safe, look for legal and safe company information on the OJK website.

If you invest in mutual funds, you can manage it yourself or leave it to your investment manager.

Foreign exchange online investments

Foreign exchange or foreign exchange is a form of online investments in the form of currency trading involving the currency of one country with the currency of another country. This investment is also called forex.

Given the volatile currency fluctuations between countries, this kind of investment is quite risky. However, if successful, the benefits obtained are much greater, compared to other types of investments.


The next recommendation online investments is in stocks. Investing in this stock is not easy.

You must know and understand well about the world of stocks. In addition, you can also practice first by simulating stock investment.

Stocks have a fairly high risk, so the return is also high. You can’t do stock investment by yourself, for beginners you will be assisted by a broker.


This type of online investments is an investment in the form of land and building assets. The investment system is buying a house complete with land online.

Then, it is market so that there are buyers who are willing to pay a price higher than the capital, while the second system is to rent the building to someone else.

Tips to keep you safe in investing online

Instead of getting big profits, they were lie to and lost. However, there is nothing wrong with trying to invest online. Here are tips to keep you safe in investing online.

Ensure the Legal Aspects

The first thing you have to do if you are going to invest is to make sure the online investments institution or place has good legality.

In addition to the institution, the type of investment product that is in demand must also clear first.

Legal institutions will usually get approval from the Financial Services Authority (OJK) and are legal entities.

For investment products, the product will get a statement of approval from the OJK and will usually be list on the institution’s or company’s website.

To see which companies or institutions are register and supervise by OJK, you can check them on the OJK website. You can also report fraudulent investment institutions or companies to OJK. So you can prevent victims of fraudulent investment scams.

Reasonable Profit

One of the most important things to consider online investments is the benefits it offers.

One of the characteristics of a safe investment institution is the offer of reasonable profits. If you are given the promise of high profits in a short period of time, you should be careful.

Reasonable profits that are usually offer by some investment products such as mutual funds, bonds, or stocks usually range from 10% – 20% annually.

Stupid investments will usually offer higher than that number, for example 50% per year. If it’s just logical it doesn’t make sense right?

Investment is not a magic that instantly becomes instantaneous, it takes time and process. Therefore, never be in a hurry to decide on an investment by looking at the profits.

Understanding Investment Products and Schemes

Legal institutions must understand the products they offer in online investments. They will explain in detail the products they have to potential investors.

Information that is usually given is the amount or amount of funds, the flow of funds and the benefits to be given.

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