Sharia Stock Investment
Sharia Stock Investment

Sharia Stock Investment Have 7 Benefits

Now we will discuss abour sharia stock investment. But, have you ever plan to invest your assets in the capital market but couldn’t decide which instrument to choose because you didn’t know the advantages of each instrument in the capital market? In this article, we will discuss the advantages of investing in one of the capital market instruments, namely Islamic stocks. Before we discuss the advantages of investing in Islamic stocks, we will first get to know the definition of stocks. Whether stocks in general or Islamic stocks.

According to the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), “Shares can define as a sign of capital participation of a person or party (business entity) in a company or limit liability company. By including this capital, the party has a claim on the company’s income, claims on company assets, and is entitle to attend the General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS).” The definition of sharia shares is shares that in practice use sharia principles.

Now, after we know the meaning of shares in general and sharia shares. Can we guess what the benefits are if we invest in sharia shares? Yes. Of course, the most visible benefits are investments that do not violate sharia. Because in the practice of sharia shares, the values ​​of justice, monotheism, and other values ​​must be apply to avoid transactions that are prohibited by sharia.

The other advantages that we get if we invest in Islamic stocks are as follows:

1. Sharia Stock Investment Have Good Mechanism

In sharia stock investment there are principles that must always be consider in transactions, such as mutual pleasure, fairness, no party is harm, avoidance of transactions prohibited by sharia, and no fraud.

2. Sharia Stock Investment Have Legal Regulation

All activities and transactions in sharia stock investment are regulate, supervise, and protect by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Its also refers to the Fatwa of the National Sharia Council/Indonesian Ulema Council (DSN/MUI). So we don’t have to worry about investing in Islamic stocks because Islamic stocks already have clear legal regulations.

3. Halal is recognized by DSN/MUI and OJK

Companies that will issue sharia stock investment must go through a selection. The selection is carry out to determine whether or not a share is said to be sharia. To determine the eligibility, OJK and DSN/MUI have special criteria. These criteria are contain in POJK NO. 35 of 2017 concerning Criteria and Issuance of Sharia Securities List. If the propose shares meet these criteria, then the shares deserve to be said to be sharia. If they do not meet the criteria. They cannot be said to be sharia shares. That means, as long as we choose shares that are list on the Sharia Securities List and the same indices as sharia. We are in the right choice because the sharia label on the list shares is not just a label but is guarantee to be halal because it meets the criteria.

4. Investment in accordance with Islamic teachings

In addition to expecting profits, of course we will expect the halalness of every transaction. Including the investment of assets. Because of course we will feel comfortable and calm if we invest our wealth in a lawful way, not in a vanity way. If we invest in companies that issue sharia stock investment, of course we avoid selling haram products because selling halal products is include in the criteria for sharia shares.

5. Sharia Stock Investment Free from Riba

In sharia stock investment, the profits obtain use the principle of profit sharing instead of using interest which contains elements of usury.

6. Overt / Transparent

Information and communication are important elements in transactions. Because the information indicates the existence of openness / transparency in the transaction. In sharia stock investment there is no element of gharar because the sharia share investment agreement uses a clear contract such as mudharabah (cooperation contract between capital owner and capital manager), musyarakah (cooperation agreement in which both parties include capital) or ijarah (lease contract). – rent at an agreed rate). So that investors can know the procedures and therefore investors will feel safe and free from fraud.

7. Dividend / Profit

The purpose of economic activity itself is of course to make a profit. There is more value in the benefits of sharia stock investment, namely profits that are protecting from usury. Profit sharing on sharia investment uses a profit sharing system which is done to avoid usury.

In addition to the benefits obtain by investors, investing in Islamic stocks also has a very large impact on the economy. Its because investment can increase economic growth. With additional capital from the capital market, the company will increase production capacity. Then, the company’s productivity will increase and of course the company will need more workers so as to open up new jobs. This can reduce the number of unemployed. Not only that, investment is also very influential on state income because every profit distribute to investors will tax by the government.

After knowing the advantages of investing in Islamic stocks, are you interesting in investing in Islamic stocks?

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