term for investor
term for investor

The Term That Need To Know For Investor

The following investment terms need to be understood by novice investor. There are 10 term and each term we have give simple explanation.

1. Buy & Sell

As the name implies Buy & Sell, namely selling and buying. Buy is an investor who pours funds to buy the investment instrument they want. While Sell, investors sell their investment instruments.

2. Return

Return or yield is the profit that investors get when investor start investing. The return itself can only be enjoyed by investors when they withdraw funds from the instruments they sell.

3. Diversification

In the investment world, there is a well-known term, namely “don’t put your eggs in one basket”.

The goal is that if one of the instruments you have falls, then there are other instruments that can provide benefits. That is investor diversification.

4. Take profit

This is a price limit or profit that will be obtained. Take profit can occur if where the investor takes the order is hit by the limit, the position will automatically stop and get a profit.

5. Cut loss

Cut loss is when investors sell shares at a lower price than the purchase price, so investors suffer losses.

6. Blue chip stocks

Blue chip stocks for some investors have the meaning of a superior stock category. This means that stocks that fall into this category are stocks with a large market capitalization of more than Rp 40 trillion.

7. Investment portfolio

The definition of an investment portfolio is a collection of investment assets of investors. In the portfolio, investors can diversify into various stock products to generate maximum returns and minimize risk.

8. Investment manager

Investment managers are professional financial institutions that have special permits from the Financial Services Authority (OJK) that manage customer funds in various investment instruments, with the aim of obtaining profits for investors who have entrusted their funds to them.

9. Capital market

The capital market is a meeting place for investors and issuers (business entities that need capital). So the capital market aims as a facilitator of investment buying and selling activities. Generally, the capital market trades long-term investment instruments such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds and others.

10. Lot

Lot is a term that common in the world of stock investment. In order to own shares of a company, investors are required to purchase lots that are sold in union. So, the lot itself is the official unit in buying and selling shares.

Investment is one of the surefire strategies that you can do to get an abundance of rupiah coffers. However, you can also generate abundant wealth by getting into the business world.

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