9 Tips To Build A House Cheaply
9 Tips To Build A House Cheaply

9 Tips To Build A House Cheaply

Building a dream house is everyone’s dream. But unfortunately, not everyone has sufficient financial strength to get started build a house, especially for young people.

Not to mention the price of materials to build a house that continues to rise every year will make people think twice about starting.

Actually, there are several ways you can try to outsmart this.

With a mature strategy and a few tips from this article, you can start building a house with limited funds.

Here are some smart ways to build your dream cheap home.

1. Choose a Small Land To Build A House

To make a house, the first thing to think about is land.

Make sure to choose land with a relatively small area to cut the budget.

Small land will require you to make a relatively small house too.

That way, in addition to the lower tax costs, the cost of building a house will not swell.

2. Carrying the Minimalist Concept

To save money, the thing you should also make sure is choosing a functional and simple home design.

A minimalist house is the best choice that you can try.

Houses with this theme have the following characteristics:

Carrying simplicity both in form and function;
Carrying an open plan interior; as well as
The decor details are simple.

In other words, the less detail you try to show, the less time and cost it will take.

3. Be Selective in Finding Builders

Using the services of a contractor is something that should be avoided if you are building a house with minimal funds.

Another alternative, of course, is to use the services of a builder.

However, you also have to sort out what kind of builder you will use.

Be sure to look for a repairman who has a good reputation.

The better the handyman you choose, the more efficient it will take to build a house.

4. Using Light Steel Roof Frame

There are many ways to outsmart the price of expensive building materials.

One of them is to use cast concrete and a little wood as roof construction.

However, this method adds to the load on the building and foundation.

The solution to this is to use mild steel.

Although the cost is slightly more expensive, the building and foundation will not be too burdened.

The practical way of installation will also save time which means the cost of construction workers will also be reduced.

Get to know the advantages and disadvantages of galvalume before choosing a house roof

In addition, lightweight steel roofs can help you save on home maintenance costs in the future because this roof truss is durable.

5. Material Survey Before Build A House

Building a pocket-friendly dream home requires a carefully thought out strategy.

One strategy you should try is conducting a material survey.

Try to compare material prices from one store to another.

If needed, you can also ask the builders for advice.

In addition, you can also use local building materials that are cheaper than foreign-produced building materials.

6. Build a House in Steps

Saving for a home will take a very long time.

One thing you can do to outsmart this is to build gradually.

Start by making a foundation and continue with other building processes according to the available funds.

Making a house in this way will indeed take a very long time.

However, this method will give you plenty of time to prepare the necessary funds.

7. Leaving the Wall without Finishing

If it turns out that your funds are running low even though the house is not finished yet, here are tips you can try.

By leaving the interior walls, or even the exterior, unfinished (caulked and painted), you will save a lot of money.

Walls with smoothed plain cement are not a random style, but an industrial style that is becoming a trend.

Meanwhile, walls with uncemented bricks are a rustic style that is also currently popular.

Which one do you choose, ha?

8. Choose Shower or Bath

If you do the calculations, it turns out that the bathroom absorbs a large development budget.

The reason is, to build a comfortable bathroom, you have to prepare many things such as a waterproof layer, automatic faucet, bathroom furniture, and much more.

To save, at least you can cut your budget by choosing between installing one of the showers and bathtubs.

Although this is a difficult choice, it has proven to be a significant budget saver.

9. Using Local Building Materials In Build A House

Building a quality house does not have to be expensive or use materials produced from abroad.

You can save costs by using local building materials such as bamboo, wood, and much more.

Besides being cheap, these materials are easy to find, you know.

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