Digital Technology May Replace Books
Digital Technology May Replace Books

Digital Technology May Replace Books?

Will digital technology replace books? questions that every book reader asks themselves while reading on their screens. Well, we live in a technological era where the internet plays an influential role. Undoubtedly the fact that the rapid growth of information technology has prompted us to turn further to the internet for most of our research needs.

The world is developing at an incredible speed. Technological evolution has increased in all sectors. Previously, we had to browse through many books in the library to gather some information or research something, but now the easy access to the internet has saved us a lot of time in recent years.

Technology Drive Our Lives

Millions of people around the world use the internet today, billions of information are shared every minute on the internet. thousands of offline books have been turned into e-books. E-books and many compatible books can be stored in one small device.

The evolution of computers from desktops to tablets, people have easier access to reading. Apart from that, there are many gadgets for reading on the market such as E-book readers and audiobooks, which make our reading experience easier.

Can all these reasons be enough to replace hardback books?

Well, I don’t think so. The internet is an excellent source of entertainment. It provides information, but is in no way a substitute for a warm and personal book reading experience. people will find it difficult to concentrate on reading on the internet because of many distractions. Books, on the other hand, help people to sit comfortably, relax without other distractions.

To further emphasize my point, I have stated several reasons why technology cannot replace books.

1. Reading a book is more comfortable than reading on a screen

Staring at a screen for long periods of time can be uncomfortable, cause neck cramps, and can also damage your eyes. Unlike laptops and tablets, books are easy to hold, as they are softer and more flexible to carry. Most people like to sit and read a book page to page. Maybe its are like when you listen some music genre and suddenly you listen other genre.

Staring at screens has increased vision problems, especially in children; wearing glasses at a younger age is now more common. You Read longer on screens are uncomfortable and have an intense negative effect on our eye health and abilities.

2. Books are more durable than electronic devices.

You can read a book while walking and if it falls down nothing happens, sometimes you throw the book on the table, and it doesn’t break, and sometimes a glass of water splashes on your book and you dry it and it’s ready to be read again. So books are durable to use.

Is this for a laptop or tablet? The answer is “NO” because this gadget is made of hard materials, including plastic and glass. Once dropped, it can be damaged, water can shoot the hard drive circuitry, and software can also be damaged if you don’t update it for a long time.

So electronic devices need regular software updates to run smoothly, but books don’t need any updates.

3. Digital media is expensive to repair.

Because this book is made of paper that is soft, flexible and most importantly does not break when dropped. Yes paper can tear but it can be repaired cheaply and easily, talking about screens like kindle, tablet or laptop, once dropped it will cost a lot of money.

These gadgets become obsolete in every 3-4 years and you have to buy another one, which is expensive. a book once published will never go out of style.

Accessing the internet is also expensive to research on the internet or read on the internet one has to access the internet. Downloading e-books, one has to access the internet, which is expensive. At the same time, some good books come within a few pennies.

4. Digital media requires power to run.

Everyone knows that all electronic devices, cell phones to laptops, every electronic item requires power to run. Instead, the book is offline, and it’s just printed paper bordered by a fancy cover.

Phones, laptops, tablets will turn off because they need power to run, but books don’t need power to run.

5. The author will not allow it.

People who want to be writers want their work to be permanently published as a book. Because it is something that can be touched, felt, and read without an electronic source.

Most writers now use MS office word or other writing software besides the typewriter, but in the end, they print all their work back to hard copy on paper and end up publishing books.

So, when people say digital technology replace books. I don’t think so. Because there is a lot a reason for we to read the book without technology in our hand.

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