HR management mistakes
HR management mistakes

HR Management Mistakes in Planning

Now we discuss HR management mistakes. We certainly already understand and are well aware that human resource management or HR is need by companies of various scales, be it large or small scale. However, this is often underestimate by companies. So that many companies place incompetent human resources or HR and this is include in the category of HR management errors.

Of course, no human is perfect, neither is the HRD team at the company. HR management will be assign by the company to be able to get employees who have the best potential with what is need by the company.

However, there are also many HR management who make various mistakes. The effect of which turns out to be detrimental to mistakes. On this occasion, we will review various mistakes that generally occur by HR management. Here is the review.

1. Unclear Information Regarding Employee Data

It is very important for the company to complete all employee data. Such as basic information, work history, salary details, and other information so that it can adjust to the current condition of the employee. In order to comply with all company policies. It is better for the HRD team to always update employee information and that information can store properly.

HR management who does not comply with this rule in the company will actually make a fairly substantial human resource mistakes. But it is quite common.

2. Underestimating HR Training is HR management mistakes

Taking the time to provide job training to employees is one form of investment that will certainly be very valuable for the company. By including the training system in the orientation process. Employees will be fully involve and have a better understanding of how to use their expertise so that they can have a good impact on the company. HR management mistakes happen when they underestimating training.

HR management that is able to provide training time will also have an effect that can be felt directly for the company. The employees will be more enthusiastic in doing all the tasks obtain during the training and orientation process. In addition, employees must also be able to do various useful things in the company where they work.

It is also important to keep in mind that employee performance will be accurately reflect in their performance reviews. Including skills, opportunities, areas and developments.

3. Reckless in Recruiting New Employees

Any kind of rush hiring and promotion process can cause HR management mistakes with all kinds of serious problems for companies. Therefore, the HRD team must consider carefully before finally deciding to recruit new employees for the company.

The consideration that must be made by the company is whether the company needs additional employees in the near future? What kind of candidate is need, and what are the goals to achieve?

It’s better for companies to wait a little longer to be able to get competent and suitable candidates for what they need. Rather than recruiting new candidates in a short period of time. But the potential is still less than what the company needs.

4. Giving Incomplete Job Description

Job descriptions are important things that must explain seriously to candidates who will apply and to employees who have been select in the company. This cannot be underestimate because they must know what mandatory work they have to do.  Whether it is in accordance with their position or not. If not it can be HR management mistakes.

Why is this important? Because the HRD team often distributes job advertisements that do not provide a complete explanation of the job description. So that when conducting interviews. Candidates are often confuse because what was discuss during the interview turn out to be more than what was explain when the job advertisement was receive by the candidate.

5. Promising Things That Don’t Fit

When HRD members conduct interviews with candidates or prospective employees. The offers given must match what the company offers in job advertisements. Why? Because not infrequently there is a false commitment or promises something that is not clear or not in accordance with the reality.

When recruiting candidates who have high potential, HR management sometimes gives a “fresh air”, sweet compensation, promises promotions, shows the company’s sweet history or promises other sweet things.

In fact, it is not uncommon for companies to fail to fulfill these promises. So many employees feel regret. Although this is done to increase the candidate’s desire. It is better for the HRD team to refrain from giving various sweet promises or “heavenly winds” that they actually cannot keep.

6. Insufficient HR Policy

Avoid trivializing the importance of HR audits at the company’s internal scale. Set aside time every year to ensure that the company’s HR policies are complete and update.

For example, if the company cannot include a vacation payout policy in the company’s supervisor’s book. Its also the complaint process or disaster and violence in the work environment. This can lead to conditions where many employees resign because the company cannot use vacation payout properly.

If previously they did not know about the vacation payout regulation, of course employees will file a complaint.

7. Assessing Employees Subjectively is a Fatal HR Management Mistakes

This condition very often occurs with the aim of being able to like someone more than others. However, it would be better if this is avoid outside the office environment.

If the company’s HR management assigns certain roles or tasks to only a few other people, or there is a special bond form between the boss and employees, then this will affect other employees, or simply social jealousy occurs.

Based on the tendency or preference for this small number of employees, members of HR management who give preferential treatment will not be able to create a significant achievement for employees. This condition will affect the feelings of other employees which can indirectly lead to decrease productivity and performance at work.

So, it is best not to make subjective judgments in the workplace.

8. Not or Lack of Compliance with Labor Law Regulations

The Indonesian government has enact labor laws that all companies must comply with, be it on a small or large scale, without exception and indiscriminately. However, businesses or businesses on a small scale often do not comply with the rules and recommendations written and state in the labor law.

Such as various rules regarding the minimum wage that has been previously determine, family leave, employee safety, overtime, sexual harassment, and other rules which if not follow properly by the company or business, it can be follow up according to the applicable regulations. Companies can also be penalize or pay large fines with this HR management mistakes.

9. Doing layoffs indiscriminately is a serious HR management mistakes

Today, many small entrepreneurs or managers often do HR management mistakes with fired their workers or employees. They do it because on the basis of personal relationships or other personal problems that actually have nothing to do with their work performance.

If this form of dismissal is carried out by the company on the basis that the company is unable to pay their salaries. Then the company is obliged to carry out an inspection or performance factor and make it logical.

If the employee has to fire because of poor performance or behavior. When it is very important to put personal roles second and focus more on meeting the company’s business needs first.

10. Employee Classification

Some small companies also often categorize employees as contractors in order to save taxes. But it turns out that this will be a big problem from HR management mistakes if it turns out that the data presented is not in accordance with the applicable law. For that, you can apply different labor laws, for example to employees who are permanent or still have contract status.

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