mental preparation
mental preparation

Mental Preparation In Playing Football Games

If you still feel unsure about your performance on the gridiron, it means that you are not mentally ready. In fact, mental preparation before the game is one of the most important parts for professional footballers.

Prepare For Fight

Even though you have received the perfect portion of training, when the match is not mentally prepared, you and your team will not be able to win the match. How can you win, if you can’t beat your own mind? Before you and your team lose just because you are not mentally prepared, find out how to prepare mentally before a soccer match in this article.

The importance of mental preparation before a football match
Many say that pre-match preparation requires only two things. The first is 90% mental preparation and the remaining 10% is physical preparation. Believe it or not, the brain is the most powerful muscle in your body.

The brain will control everything you do, control how you feel when you wake up, manage the knowledge you have and affect your entire body. Without a good mental preparation before a match, you will not be able to reach your peak performance. Make mental preparations before the following matches so that you are not only ready for the match but also ready to win.

1. Get enough sleep

According to Wayne Rooney, an England international who now plays for Everton, the most important mental preparation before the game for him is getting enough sleep. Rooney himself tried to sleep for eight hours before the game, but he will not force himself to sleep. Usually Rooney goes to sleep when he is tired from training and wakes up feeling his body getting back into shape.

Likewise with Alex-Oxlade Chamberlain, a midfielder who now plays for Liverpool. Quoted from the Telegraph report, getting enough sleep is the key for Chamberlain’s performance on the field to improve.

2. Positive thinking

If you worry too much about the outcome of the match, it will actually hinder your mental preparation on the field. Force your mind to always think positive, think of something that inspires you that can always encourage you to never give up, focus on the game and your performance, and keep practicing according to your portion to win the game.

Never doubt your abilities. Any negative thoughts, fears and doubts that enter your mind, ignore them. Tell yourself that you will do your best.

3. Use visualization techniques

One way to focus your mind on mental preparation before a game is to use visualization techniques. Try to visualize or imagine what the match will be like, think about what challenges you will face. This method is also used by professional football players so that they are better prepared in a match.

Usually they will think about the worst possibilities such as, how to deal with the opponent’s attack if they do something detrimental, how to deal with the strongest player on the opposing side, and what the field conditions are like.

Think of the challenges that have the potential to occur in the field. With this in mind, the focus of your mind is only on the game, nothing else. It will also help you to deal with scenarios that may occur. On match day, your mind will be fully prepared for your opponent and your body will automatically know what to do.

4. Know your own body condition

You have to remember that you are not the only one who wants a win. When you’re trying to get your body ready for a match and have good mental preparation, it’s important to ‘listen’ to your body, not to strain your body if it feels too tired. This is the best way to physically prepare yourself to avoid injury.

Forcing your tired body to keep on training will only make you hurt yourself. Find a balanced portion of exercise that suits your body condition.

5. Listen to music

If you feel tense before a game, try to relieve it by listening to your favorite music. There must be a mainstay song that can lift the mood and mental preparation. Some songs can even lift your spirits right away.

You can also listen to this song with team members to sing together or dance together to melt away the tension in the dressing room. Also do stretching or stretching movements to relieve your nervousness.

Winning the match is not easy, but it is not difficult either. You just have to believe in your own abilities.

Keep in mind that the Portugal national team could have become European champions in 2016 without Christiano Ronaldo.

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