planning a successful birthday party
planning a successful birthday party

Planning a Birthday Party Tips

Planning a birthday party can be fun, but sometimes the sheer number of responsibilities and things to consider and prepare can sometimes leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

There are several steps you can take to make planning a successful birthday party easier. But the most important initial steps are:

1. Set date & time

The sooner you pick a date, the sooner you can start planning the party.

Consult the person who will be celebrating the birthday to determine the best day, date and time for the party. If you are planning someone else’s birthday instead of your birthday.

Check the schedules of the people you want to invite and record any holidays around that date. Remember that many people travel for different holidays. Usually if the birthday falls on a weekday, it is recommended to have a birthday party on the weekend so that more people will be able to attend your party.

2. Decide on the theme of the party

One of the easiest ways to plan and organize birthday party decorations is to determine the theme of the party. In this technological era, all you have to do is look for references to birthday party theme ideas on the internet. If you like parties with a luxurious and elegant feel, you can use old Hollywood party ideas. If you want your party to be more relaxed, you can use a picnic theme in the park.

After you find a theme that fits your party, find out the things you need to prepare for party decorations with that theme. For example, if you choose an Old Hollywood theme, make sure that access to decorations and costumes for this party is easy to find. Don’t let you make guests and yourself confused. A festive and successful party, it doesn’t have to be complicated!

3. Choose the right location

Choosing a location that matches the theme that you have determined is next planning a successful birthday party tips. It does not have to drain your pockets excessively. For example, for a ‘Picnic’ themed party, you can take advantage of the area around your garden or backyard.

Living in a tropical country where the air is always hot, a fun and interesting birthday party idea to consider is a pool party theme. If you want to hold a Pool Party but don’t have access to a private swimming pool, you just have to look for alternatives at the nearest hotels or swimming pool attractions.

4. Prepare the guest list

Although the party will be more lively if attended by many people, but remember – the more people, the more expensive and complicated your party preparation will be. That’s why in planning a successful birthday party, the guest list is an important factor to consider.

Start by making a list of invitations from family members – your father, mother, siblings and extended family – then move on to the list of names of your closest friends.

5. Make a list of party necessities

The last step that is no less important is to make a list of party needs.

The best way is to divide this list into several categories, such as;

Decorations: to make sure you have all the decorations you need.

Food and Drinks: usually the most important list, because you have to make sure the banquet is sufficient for the guests in attendance

Invitation: to make sure guests know about your party and attend

Locations: several alternative locations, just in case the ideal location for your party can’t be rented

So, those were some tips to planning a successful birthday party without getting dizzy.

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